Garden lovers can be so passionate about the outdoor retreats they create that they get lost in daydreams about plants and gardening design themes for most of their waking hours. And for these people, landscaping with boulders can provide a spectacular outlet for their creative instincts. Boulders, by their sheer mass, make magnificent focal points for any garden settingHave A PlanLandscaping with boulders demands significant advance planning, however, simply because the boulders are so difficult to move. The boulders should be the first things positioned in a garden and their oppositions should be permanent, with all the other landscaping elements planned around them.Designing With LevelsLandscaping with boulders will give you the opportunity to add distinct levels to your garden. You’ll have to select the best areas in your garden to develop into levels, and then define each level with groups of from three to seven boulders of different sizes.Using Boulder .